Disability and Geekery

or: How I Learned to Avoid Toxic Situations and Love Myself

“Why do you carry that much stuff with you?”

It’s a question I am asked a lot. Whenever I ask someone to help me carry a bag I get asked why I have 4 bags with me for a two day trip in the first place.

Truth is, two of them are my survival equipment. I don’t mean that as stuff I need to not die but as stuff I need in order to function correctly.

I have two of those bags, I like to refer to them as basic and extended survival kits. In this post I will show you their purpose, what their contents are and how they help me.


The Basic Survival Kit 1

My basic survival kit actually consists of two bags. One bandee: (Amazon Germany, UK) sash style bag which I keep only a handful of items in. It has two zip pockets and two detachable device pockets one of which has a transparent front.


I keep an iPod Classic that runs Rockbox in the transparent front pocket. The headphones I currently use are Sony MDRZX300Bs (Amazon Germany, UK) which provide awesome sound in the 10 to 24000 Hz frequency range (which is enough to fully enjoy a music piece, even for my ears) but unfortunately are not noise-cancelling, making them slightly inefficient when it comes to blocking out noise. Combined with the 160 GB of my iPod, it helps me block out noise as well as keep my brain busy when walking.

In the first zip pocket, I keep my pocket knife which comes handy in situations where no other tools are available, a lighter and my outdoor cutlery set, just in case.

In the other one I keep a 32 GB USB stick on which a version of the Debian operating system with some tools that I need is installed.

I keep the other device pocket free in case I have to take something with me.



The Basic Survival Kit 2

The second part of my basic survival kit is contained inside a vinyl courier bag (though I might replace it with this in the near future).

It contains my ebook reader, keys, and a bluetooth keyboard.

My ebook reader is a Trekstor Pyrus (Amazon Germany, UK, US) with which I am very happy. It has 4GB of storage and supports a bunch of formats but I only use EPUBs, so I don’t really need that. It has an eInk display and therefore the battery lasts for about 3 weeks under heavy usage.

My bluetooth keyboard is great for replacing a computer with my phone. It is the one that comes bundled with the Pokémon Typing Trainer and is very cheap in the bundle and a quite usable keyboard.

Additionally I keep some snacks and drinks in there.


The Extended Survival Kit

My extended survival is inside an old laptop bag. By old I mean 1994. Because It’s designed for old laptops it’s perfect for me. I can carry my laptop (which doesn’t weigh nearly as much as the models from ’94), an accordion file that contains a lot of paperwork, chargers, cables, a mouse (the computer kind), pens and a clipboard, making it basically the essence of my room.

I take it with me whenever I leave for more than 6 hours.



So why am I carrying all that with me? Well, I don’t want to be unprepared. Ever. I feel uncomfortable when I cannot deal with a situation. My brain needs constant activity. If it can’t do anything I become really nervous. I need all of that stuff with me.

I never leave the house without them. It takes me a minute to gather all I need. If I have to go somewhere for multiple days I take them with me too. I might have to carry a total of four bags but I don’t care. It makes me feel at home and that is very important .


I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe got some ideas how you could organise yourself better. I’m sorry for the Amazon referral links but I thought when I’m already providing you with links, why not profit of that. They do not cause you any extra cost.


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